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Kara's Adult Playground - top rated Go To
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Ladies Adult Blogs

The Dirty Girl X Files - Dirty Girl X tells her dating stories and nightmares...

Single & Horny In The U.K. - Latest Horny Housewives and Girls looking for men

Cum On Eileen - 10 ways to release your Inner Vixen

Inside Dark Pixie - the battle between "good girl" and "bad girl" continues

Tara Tainton- author, lover experientiallist - Best Blog on AdultBlogster ab pic

Gushing Goddess - a Web Site for Sensually Cognizant Women Everywhere

Love in the Capitol - Real Life Tales of a Capitol Sex Addict, HOT

The Last Seduction - creative writing, great, real life stories

The Pink Artichoke - Let's Talk About Sex, Bay-bee

Speak Sexy - Your source for provocative and educational discussions about all things sexual!

All Things CFNM - thousands of free amateur CFNM videos, CFNM pics, & links of all CFNM genres

Tom's Cock Whore - Ramblings From An Insatiable Submissive

The Whinery - Where I think. Where I write. Where I bitch, lots of updates
Four State - We Are the People Your Parents Warned You About

Texas Spitfire - stories, movies and pics ... hot

Eros, Logos - Student. Intellectual. Slut.

EllaBee - a girl shares her dirty fantasies and realities

Three of a Kind - sexual evolution of me

The Butterfly Temptress - true love, D/s, and amazing sex

My Favourite Life - lots of stories and posts, updated

The B Inside - married, polyamorous, submissive, thirty-something

single gal in vancouver - 24, single, blonde and ambitious, hot blog

Places I Masturbate - flicking the bean all over town

Scarlet the Harlot - real life stories, updated

Prudence tells all - a voyeur tells of her life and her affair

Natalie's Lingerie - late 40's, enjoy having my husband photograph me in Lingerie

Anal Amy - Amys anal sex blog, says it all

Bitch Goddess - life is a dick, if it gets hard, fuck it

Vahri's Dreams - sexual fantasies of a thirty-something horny Highland girl

la petite dévergondée - girl with a lust for older men

Authentic Experience - honest blog about marriage and sex

Blistered Lips - Petite Perversions and Erotic Vignettes from Angela St. Lawrence

It's funny to me - Indiscriminate perverseness from a 20 something gal

Rhapsody in Red - happily kinky and crazy together

Evil Minx - all-out gutsy, strong, intelligent, sexy and earthy woman

Shauna by Night - exploring the erotic side of my life, great blog

galeri bidadari - mother of 2 in her early 30s from Indonesia ... with a foot fetish

V-Boat - sex, best porn, craigslist adventures, and who knows what all else

All Things CFNM - All amateur CFNM, update frequently

Dirty Laundry - erotic short stories from a dirty little girl

BareLace - erotica stories, updated frequently

Sylvia Day - erotic romantic fiction

Shay's Other Spot - hot stories, updated alot

Masturbation Diary - an intense urge to masturbate multiple times a day

Real CFNM - Clothed Females Naked Males

Sweltering Celt - Hot Thoughts and Random Musings

Sexhibitionist - sex blog of a closet female sexhibitionist

Curvaceous Dee - Large and sexually free, lots of updates

BawdyBits - cock connoseur, fantasy storyteller and sex educator

Ambient Storm's - Provocative Persiflage

Urban Gypsy - a housewife reveals her kinky side

My Not-So-Secret Self - a twenty-something bisexual woman

Dirty Little Girl - pleasure and a bit of pain

Amelia - hot new blog from the heartland

The Escort and the Millionaire - thirty something escort shares her experiences

Anyone's Girl - my way of telling my fantasies, updated frequently

Lady With a Secret - the lady next door

WhatSexMayCome - being satisfied by both men

Temptation Unleashed - submissive thoughts and feelings, updated a lot

hot blogsClickMyBoobs - Amy Lockheart has got great boobs

ScreamingSecrets - interesting reading, updated frequently

Salacity - The Trait Of Behaving In An Obscene Manner

Thong Speed - sex. politics. sexual politics

SensualExhibitionist - exploits, musings and rantings or MY favorite stripper hot blogs

WilfulDamage - hot aussie, hot blog, updated frequently

SecretLoversLane - Friends With Hot Fringe Benefits

Always Aroused Girl - a 36 year old exploring her sexuality

CuntingLinguists - From observations to directions, everything about sex or romance can be found on The Cunt.

Debbie's Dirty Little Diary - random dirty little thoughts

Overworked & Underfucked - musing and misadventures of and overworked, underlaid socal 20 something

Laura the Tooth - the thinking pervert

PussyJournal - pussy talk, updated frequently

Le Demure - life of a demure college student

Anita's Erotica - it's not about realism, it's about sensuality and sexuality

Desireous - A submissive slut with a serious oral fixation, updated - (added on 10/16/2005)

Pretty Dumb Things - because i make the most of it, i'm an extraordinary machine, cool blog, updated

Girl with a one track mind - Diary of a sex fiend, updated

Dilemmas of a Virgin Slut - The Duality of My Sexuality, updated

Lumpesse - 23-year-old graduate student in a committed relationship dishes about sex - updated frequently

Twiddlybits - The ramblings of a very horny woman. (...with regular guest submissions from her cross-dressing husband), updated frequently

Erotica Lee2 - Open Your Imagination... some hardcore

Waking Vixen - writer, sex worker rights activist, alternative model, updated frequently

hot blogsSamantha Shows - Dancer & Phone Sex Addict, updates frequently, phone sex

MaybeJustOnce - real life stories, updated frequently

Freya's House - Freya is the goddess of sensuality and magic.

Library Girl - The Secret Life of Librarygirl

Gloria Brame - every aspect of adult consentual sexuality

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Mens Blogs

adult porn blogsThe Divine Tease - Teen Tease, Babe Tease, Fetish Tease, and more

adult porn blogsSexTumble - My sexual life exposed. Recent blog & Hot Pics!

adult porn blogsMy Sex Toy Box - A blog about Sex, Toys, and Having Fun

adult porn blogsGuys Looking For Girls Like You - See the latest U.K. Horny Guys and Bored Husbands looking for women

adult porn blogsI Love Ethnic Women - Official blog for ethnic review site I Love Ethnic Women. Daily ethnic porn posts of Asian, Brazilian, Ebony, Indian, European and Latina women

adult porn blogsKiss The Cook - Sex, Food and everything that happens before, during and after

adult porn blogsHeartGnosis - Living Like I Know What I’m Doing

adult porn blogsWandering Lover - 31 year old male exhibitionist and porn voyeur

porn blogsBeer is Beautiful - I don't give a fuck and too stupid to care ... great blog

porn blogs The Irrepressible Loins of Paul Carr. - One man's honest attempt to revive his Sexuality.

Money Talks - stuff chicks will do for cash

Erotic Ramblings - Just ramblings about a variety of topics, mostly sex

Carnal Conservative - Because Republicans worship women too

The Modern Savage - Memoirs of a seduction artist

Erotischism - the schism that occurs when a mans lower brain takes control

John T Boone Unzipped - The Daily Diary of Porno Insider

Got Cum - i think the title says it all

The Concupiscent Husband - a married guying blogging about life and sex

Nenes Playground - Adult content,graphic clips and sexual products

Conservatives Love Porn Too - conservative and still love looking at pictures of beautiful women naked

Kittys Tiger - A place for erotic stories. Fantasies, true stories, and pictures of it all.

Sweat Shop Sissy - exploring my feminine side through cross-dressing and role-playing

HammerUncut - you're entitled to my opinion

F-Cynyr - a blog of my poetry, and erotic poetry

Talking Dirty - unadulterated, filthy chat that we adults like to engage in

John Q After Hours - reviews, stories and pics, updated

My Favourite Life - lots of stories and thoughts, updated

Seymour Tottis - women from around the world

Morningwood55 - life of a middle aged middle manager

Hondo’s World - pictures links and stories

Darkside - There's A Dark Side To All Of Us

White Boy's Blues - Ramblings of a playboy who just wants to settle down

Passions of Sex - Blogging about sexual passion, sexual desire and more...

Cheating in Vancouver - stories from Master, updated frequently

Sexcapades and Sexperience - All of my naughty and thrilled sexcapades and sexperience

House of Sin - The good, the bad, and the absolutely lustful

Nameless Erotica - stories, lots of posts, updated frequently

Toke Stone - 30-something bi-racial man and his exploits

Gently Gently - sexy and erotic fiction and ideas, links and posts

Cuckold Blog - real life stories of cuckolds and their slut wives adventures ...

Male SLUT NYC - a man who adores and lusts after women

Buck Angel - Transexual Man with a Pussy Blog!

SecretReads - the collected erotic fiction of the ArtfulDodger

The Insatiable Mr W - A journal of sex and stunning erotica

DirtyBoy - Intelligent, explicit erotica intended for a female audience

Hare Today - confessions of a thoughtful lech

The Secret Brain - a single man exploring, new and updated

Honest Hedonist - best porn pics and stories, hot blog ...

Rentboy Diaries what!? Well, how much have you got?

Wandering Hubby - my sexual exploits

Moronosphere - a ferocious lover of life, possessing the courage and loyalty of a warrior, but the morality of a pirate

UrbanStud -

Me and My Cock - Largely ignored by my girlfriend, it's up to me to give it attention

Wanton Maleness - An adult blog of my salacious and lascivious thoughts and deeds.

Sex Blogger - Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Legs.

Ez2BHard - A middle aged guy trying to re-discover something wonderful. updated frequently

Easily Aroused - reflections of an oversexed englishman

Scotty's Tease - Non-Nude & Softcore Teasers - updated frequently

hot adult blogEros Blog - updated frequently with pix and links and stories

PantiesPantiesPanties - pictures of ... panties and lots of posts

NY Hotties - A New York Escorts Confessions

Herdesires - one womans exploration of sexuality and fantasy - posts, stories

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Submission Blogs

pornDiary Of A Phone Dominatrix - Strict Domme providing sessions in humiliation, tease & denial, cock control, forced bi & sissy training

pornMistress Jocelyn - The world of the Sexiest Transsexual Mistress on the Internet

pornAdrianna's Temple - She's a Nasty, Controlling Temptress. Orgasm Control, Sissification, Feminization, and other Femdom Erotica

pornInxesse - Where the Hot Girls get tied up! Hot pics, stories, and more

pornInside Limited Audience - Some Chicks are just Fit To Be Tied! Pictorals and photo sets that accompany an erotic written story for many sets

pornHis Girl's Journal Of Her Education - Fetish model and 24/7 slave Zille Defeu shares explicit details and kinky erotica

pornJust Another Submissive - my life as it relates to my journey in the BDSM lifestyle

pornLady Sascha - lifestyle and phone sex Dominatrix, CFNM, CBT, and edging

pornTeasing Temptress - Your Goddess, Your Masturbatrix, Your Kinkstress - Your LIFE! - hot blog

Mistress Nicole - Dominatrix who believes in Female Supremacy.

Confessions of a Timid Boy - a journal of my return to the world of Domination/submission

Mistress 160 - Mistress' musings on her subs' antics, contemporary kinky culture + all things BDSM

The Dom Commands - photos and video galleries from of THE DOM'S favorite friends and dungeons

Reesa Roberts - married to a dominant alpha guy, my experiences and stories

a submissive's musings - an online journal of a newly-collared sub

House of Raven - a dom couple, pics, stories and more

Mistress Evils - The painfully factual and fanciful adventures of a powerful dominant woman

Femdom Educational Site Link Exchange - all there is to know about Femdom

Mistress Regina - Stories from various Ladies, Goddesses and Bitches

Journey into Submission - love journal by a thirty-something, polyamorous, bi-curious, submissive, masochistic bottom

Mature Mistress - my blog for my life in bdsm

Submissive in the City - real-life adventures of a submissive woman

DangerousFemme - A glimpse into the pervy world of a professional dominatrix

annie's submission - the story of her submission

PunishedBrat - Our LDD Life

Dominatrix: Deconstructed - Sex, Politics and Liberty in the Age of Unreason

Soulfully Submissive - a 24-7 Dom/sub marriage

SubmissiveHope writes of her search for her "One" -- updated often

The Hole Truth - Diary of a Sex Starved Submissive

Married Man's fucktoy - pure submission, lots of updates

TangySweet - great stories of a submissive, updated frequently

SadoMasoKitten - the decadent Dominatrix shares her pearls of wisdom

magdelena - surrender to your desires

OwnednBranded - This slave is Owned by ...

Black n Blue Bamboo - confessions of a submissive wife

Loving Domestic Discipline - spanking in a loving, consenting, heterosexual relationship

Journey to the Darkside - daily chronicles, updated frequently

Taken in Hand - domestic discipline, updated frequently

Submissive Reflections - Kneeling before him ... updated frequently

Sweetness Follows - it's only kinky the first time

Mistress Matisses Journal - Seattle writer/professional dominatrix's personal musings, rants and life-trivia...

Bondage Blog - Taking Pleasure In The Beauty Of Restrained Women - pictures, stories

Downonmyknees - Notes of a part time male slave

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Entertainment Blogs

pornWorld Of Phone Sex Blogs! - Your directory source of Phone Sex related BLOGS

pornSexy Scoop by Sexy Tara - Check out what's happening today: online, offline, and every place between

pornNaughty Secret Hangout - Unique fun erotic art blog by Naughty

Red Ravens Nest - Futanarai (dickgirls) erotic art: futanari = hotness!

Adult Website Reviews

Kara's Adult Playground
is the cream of the crop or Porn when it comes to hardcore xxx videos. More of the best porn than one man can take, with over 2,000 hours of movies with no trips to the video store, no special software needed and no per minute fees — watch what you what when you want, over and over again.

Men In Pain is a great site with lots of original material for those who like extreme pain and domination. All original material and lots of updates. Worth the trying it out for a few days.

Vivid IS hardcore Porn action and let's be honest, any site that has Jenna Jameson has to be good. Penthouse Pets, porn stars and Jenna ... I would say Vivid has the hottest of all girls on any adult website. The list of names is endless and this one is well worth the $4.95 3 day trial. You will be hooked so plan on staying in this weekend.

BangBus is close to the funniest adult website there is. How these guys get girls to jump in a minivan and fuck them is beyond me. "A true story of two guys, a video camera and a big fucking van ..." Even if you don't like porn (yea right), this one is worth joining for the humor. Some of the best porn around.

BikiniRiot - really is a temporary thing as those bikinis comes off fast. Tylene Buck, Chrissy Moran and Mindy Vega makes this Porn site worth it. Thousands of photos and thousands of videos with all exclusive content. Unfortunately, we would have loved to have seen chat sessions and webcams with some of these girls.

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